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oat of arms of Normandy

Coat of arms of Normandy

Ref: Feo_BNM038

The red shield with two yellow leopards turning his head from the front, emblazoned gules two gold lions on each other is the heraldic emblem of continental Normandy

In the Channel Islands, the two bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey islands which form the Normandy wear a coat three leopards, like that of Richard I of England, later told Richard the Lion Heart, King of England and Duke Normandy

Which of the two shields is the oldest remains a subject of controversy and historical research for some

Shield made of stone, wood paints and patinas how old are handmade. Equipped with a wall mount

Dimensions: 25 x 30cm

Homemade French

Blason Normandie ;

45.00 € Quantity

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