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mall coat of arms of Joan of Arc

Small coat of arms of Joan of Arc

Ref: Feo_B40

The arms of Joan of Arc are "Azure a silver sword with gold trimmed in pale devotee put in a royal crown of the same, flanked by two golden lilies"

The sword pointing towards the sky, crowned and flanked by two fleurs de lys, symbolizing the role of Joan of Arc in the restoration of monarchy in France

Joan of Arc, born about 1412 in Domremy, died at the stake May 30, 1431 in Rouen, is a leading figure in the history of France and a saint of the Catholic Church

The early fifteenth, she successfully led French troops against the English forces, lifting the siege of Orleans, leading the Dauphin Charles to Reims for the coronation and helping to turn the tide of the Hundred Years War

Shield made of stone, wood paints and patinas how old are handmade. Equipped with a wall mount

Dimensions: 9 x 10cm

Homemade French

Petit écu de Jeanne d´Arc ;

15.00 € Quantity

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Echoppemedievale edition
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